The 15 Best Manual & Electric Toothbrush Subscription Services, Compared

Get a fresh, new toothbrush in your mailbox every month and enjoy the best dental care you can buy with our picks for the best electric & manual toothbrush subscription services available.

Do you change your toothbrush as often as you should? Do you even know how often you're supposed to change your toothbrush? 

We checked, and it's every 3-4 months, or as soon as the bristles become frayed, according to the American Dental Association. But who can remember to get toothbrushes on time with everything else on the never-ending and always-growing grocery list? Probably not many of us.

So what's the good news? Well, we've been doing some searching and found several companies offering actual toothbrush subscriptions, which deliver fresh, new brushes to your door right on time for your toothbrush change! Come on in and check out our favorite manual and electric toothbrush subscription services, and never forget to change your brush again!

Based on our research here, we've determined the following 'best-in' categories for our favorite brush subscriptions:

Best electric toothbrush subscription services


Starting out, we find ourselves among the most well-known of toothbrush subscription services with Quip. Quip has been referred to as "the Tesla of toothbrushes" and offers electric toothbrush sets as low as $25, the heads of which are replaced via free worldwide delivery every 3 months. 

Slim, waterproof, shower-safe, and hygienic, the Quip brush suctions to any bathroom surface and easily slips into your favorite travel case whenever it's time to go.

Just $5 replaces your brush head right on time every 3 months, and you can add Quip's anti-cavity toothpaste to your refills any time as well:

The ADA toothbrush starter sets for $25 are plastic, but also available in metal for $40.

You can also purchase group sets for the whole family, pre-pay for the year's refills at once, and sign up for more deals at the Quip online store.

Price: Starter sets begin at $25 each and refills are $5 each with free shipping worldwide. 

Are there any customizable features? You can choose from up to 6 brush colors depending upon your package selection, in a range of metals or plastics. You can also buy gift subscriptions tailored for your loved ones.

Any special deals? If you encounter a problem with any Quip product while under an active refill plan, email to get assistance troubleshooting, or if necessary, a replacement. You can cancel your subscription anytime without any extra charge by visiting as long as you cancel before your next refill has shipped.

You can also get $5 off your next Quip refill with these Quip promo codes.


  • Quip reviews indicate greater affordability than other subscriptions
  • Modern design
  • Perfect intervals to send subscription refills every 3 months
  • Superb portability


  • Some felt Quip was harder to grip than some other electric brushes
  • Requires regular batteries

Bottom Line:

Quip ensures you don't forget your oral hygiene by sending reminder refills every 3 months. It's a great value, has a stylish, sleek look, and won't break the bank. We say, "Go for it!" It definitely can't hurt to 'brush up' on your dental hygiene!


Next in line is Goby,  the dentist-recommended electric toothbrush with oscillating head which comes with a 2-minute timer and 30-second prompting to guide your brushing. 

Since Goby partners with their manufacturer and sells directly to consumers, they can offer a premium product while keeping prices low.

Their 60-day trial means if you aren't satisfied within the first 2 months you own your Goby, you'll get a full refund. Plus, there's a lifetime guarantee, so if anything stops working on your Goby (outside of misuse), you'll get a replacement. Free!

You can choose from Classic Brush Kits:

or Monochrome:

Or just replace the heads, or purchase gift cards for your loved ones to try a Goby:

Price: The Classic Goby brush kit starts at $50 ($65 if purchased without the subscription), and sends you a fresh head every 1, 2, or 3 months with free shipping.

The Monochrome Brush kit starts at $60 with a Brush Head Subscription delivering a new brush head for $6 every 2 months, also with free shipping.

Brush Heads can be purchased alone for $6/each, or set for delivery every 1, 2, or 3 months

Are there any customizable features? You can choose your color from several provided; monochrome kits have black, rose, and glacier, while classic kits come in midnight, blue, and tangerine.

Any special deals? If you buy 2 Goby kits, you'll save 10%. They also occasionally offer promo codes, which you can find here.

Goby also partners with the NYU College of Dentistry's Global Student Outreach Program, which donates a percentage of all sales to provide dental services to people in need worldwide


  • Affordable
  • Goby reviews indicated they are fun to use
  • Has 2 cleaning modes to suit brusher preferences
  • Timer is handy to ensure you brush your teeth thoroughly
  • Hardly takes up any counter space
  • Charges up in provided shell overnight, so you won't need to buy batteries


  • You'll need to buy the stand with the kit, unless you don't mind lying the brush down
  • A bit loud

Bottom Line:

Goby is a rechargeable, easy-to-use, durable, high quality electric toothbrush. The company stands by their product with a 60-day money back refund policy and lifetime guarantee. Brush head replacements arrive right on time to toss the old ones, and shipping is always free. There's not much downside here.


You may want to check out the sonic action of charcoal-infused bristles with a Burst toothbrush subscription. They claim your teeth will be brightened and whitened within just days of use.

Burst toothbrush batteries are fully rechargeable within about one hour, and sonic vibrations power the brush to get into every nook and cranny of your teeth, while the 2-minute timer shuts the toothbrush off when you've completed your dentist-recommended tooth-brushing time.

Each Burst toothbrush has binchotan charcoal bristles intended to absorb  impurities, 3 brushing modes to suit your preferences, and a quadpacer  timer that gives a little vibration every 30 seconds while you're  brushing to remind you to change direction and get your whole mouth  tingly clean!

Your first subscription box will hold your Burst sonic toothbrush, a toothbrush head, a USB charger, and a wall socket for plugging in and recharging.

Burst toothbrushes come with a lifetime warranty and 90-day trial, during which you can receive a full refund if you aren't satisfied with the product.

Burst makes other products besides toothbrushes as well, like their coconut whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, and accessories — go here to check everything out.

Burst reviews indicate Burst toothbrushes are an affordable toothbrush with 3 levels of working modes, giving out 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute.

Price: $69.99 with the subscription for refills at $6 per head delivered every 3 months.

Are there any customizable features? You can choose black or white.

Any special deals? You can get 40% off your Burst order, or free shipping, with one of these Burst promo codes.


  • Cheap price with subscriptions
  • Neat, minimalist charging station
  • Modern, chic design
  • Handle provides good grip
  • Rechargeable
  • Comes with timer and shuts down when brushing time is over


  • Although much more affordable, doesn't perform quite as well as its more expensive competition

Bottom Line:

Burst is a cheaper alternative to some of the other sonic toothbrush varieties on the market. Some found it perfectly adequate, while others think you may need to brush twice to get the same amount of work out of it.


You'll get a fresh toothbrush in the mail every 3 months with a Boka subscription, complete with a waterproof brush and built-in timer for proper brushing as well as high frequency sonic vibrations to get all parts of your mouth clean.

When you choose your subscription kit from Boka, you'll have options. You can choose the Boka Heads, with activated charcoal electric toothbrush heads replaced every 3 months for $60 down and $8 per quarter, or the full Boka Kit, which also includes Boka's trademark Ela Mint toothpaste and Microfiber Beeswax Floss along with the replacement heads for $60 down and $18 per quarter.

Boka also offers a manual toothbrush kit, with which you'll start by choosing from 4 colors:

Then you'll select your brush type:

And you'll choose your floss and toothpaste (you actually just choose how many of each you want for your kit — they only make one kind of each):

Boka also offers a Classic Kit or Kids' Kit, which cost the same price and include manual brushes. Full kits are replaced every quarter for the price shown:

Boka  gives back to the world through their partnership with the non-profit group, Surge. Boka donates a toothbrush to Surge for every toothbrush sold, enabling them to bring water and oral health education to those in need.

Boka reviews give an overall thumbs up to the product, and some found the electric brush heads work well with Sonicare brushes, too.

Price: Varies with the subscription; Electric toothbrush kits start with $60 down, while manual kits start with $4 toothbrushes, then both add replacement kits (or just heads) for different prices per quarter. See details here.

Are there any customizable features? You can choose how many brushes and what type of brushes you want, as well as the color of the manual brushes. You can also choose what type of replacement kits you'll receive quarterly.

Any special deals? You'll save 20% off the one-time purchase of the electric brush kit when you purchase a subscription. All electric brush subscriptions come with a complimentary travel toothbrush as well. They also might offer promo codes here.


  • Quiet electric brushing
  • Sleek presentation and set-up
  • Electric brushes come with rechargeable batteries
  • Made in the USA
  • Charcoal bristles inhibit growth of bacteria
  • Toothpaste is flouride-free as well as made without parabens, triclosan, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), and artificial ingredients
  • Floss is teflon and petroleum-free


  • Not extremely eco-friendly
  • Electric brush is a bit pricey

Bottom Line:

Boka is a high quality toothbrush product, and they include only natural, non-toxic ingredients in their paste and floss. You can choose from their set subscriptions or build your own.

Brusher Club

Get a fresh, new electric toothbrush head of your choice in the mail every 3 months when you join the Brusher Club.

You can select from different name brand electric toothbrush heads, such as these Oral B heads:

And these Sonicare heads:

When I clicked on my selection of an Oral B Flosser Brush Head, to be delivered every 3 months, the Brusher Club gave me details on this brush head:

They included a list of brushes this head fits, such as the ProfessionalCare Smart Series, ProfessionalCare Healthy Clean, Vitality, Pro Health, and Advanced Power models, and a list it doesn't fit, including the Vitality Sonic, CrossAction Power, Oral B Sonic Complete, and Pulsonic.

When I got to the checkout, I was given my order summary which included a $5.99 discount for joining the Brusher Club (woot!), bringing my total first payment due to only $3.00. Now that's a deal!

Brusher Club reviews indicate these replacement brush heads are an excellent value.

Price: Varies with your subscription, but usually runs appx $8.99/every 3 months | $25 /annually - starting with a $3.00 initial payment.

Are there any customizable features? Pick which type of brush head you prefer from Oral B or Sonicare selections offered.

Any special deals? Not really, but you can keep up with dental care tips with their free blog here. You might also be able to find Brusher Club promo codes here


  • Dentist-created subscriptions bring you fresh brush heads every 3 months
  • Sent in minimal packaging
  • Handy automatic reminder to change out your brush heads at the proper intervals


  • Requires you to already have either the proper Oral B or Sonicare electric toothbrush

Bottom Line:

Brusher Club serves as a good reminder to swap out your brush head — and it's a great deal as well. I did the math on the same brands and types of replacement heads sold at my local Meijer (sold in packs of 3) and they were a few cents more per brush head than the Brusher Club charges - and Brusher Club mails them to you free of charge on top of it. Not a bad deal at all, if you have this kind of toothbrush!

Buck Brush

You'll get an electric toothbrush at a discount rate with replacement heads for a single dollar each per month when you get a Buck Brush subscription.

Buck Brushes come with premium nylon bristles and heads that vibrate at 48,000 strokes per minute, giving you the total clean mouth experience others pay over $200 for at just a fraction of the price.

In addition to premium brush heads, Buck Brush toothbrushes also feature long-lasting batteries, wireless charger bases, 3 different speeds to adjust to your preference, and the option to cancel your monthly replacement delivery subscription at anytime.

You can either select the Buck Brush with charger, shown here:

Or the Buck Brush with charger, plus UV head sanitizer, shown here:

Both come with subscription for head replacements to arrive monthly for only $1.

Renew your subscriptions every 4 months, and shipping is always free within the U.S.

Buck Brush reviews indicate superior satisfaction with the brush, built-in timer, and delivery service.

Price: Varies with either option: the brush with charger is $35; brush with charger and UV head sanitizer is $45. Replacements are $1/month. Shipping is free.

Are there any customizable features? You can decide how often you receive replacements and which brush package to get (pictured above).

Any special deals? Not at the moment, but you can find any updated Buck Brush deals here


  • Rechargeable with an efficient, simple charging station
  • Cleans teeth extremely well
  • Brush price is great compared to similar brands
  • Replacement heads being only $1 is a great deal
  • Super quick, free shipping


  • Not as eco-friendly as some other options

Bottom Line:

Reviews indicate nearly everyone who has purchased the Buck Brush subscription is very happy with the product, the replacement heads, and the speedy, free shipping. This is probably the cheapest subscription pack you'll find among the electric toothbrush offerings available.

Dollar Brush

You'll get high quality toothbrushes and superb replacement options when you choose a Dollar Brush tooth care subscription.

With a mission to make electric toothbrushes affordable for everyone, each Dollar Brush Kit comes fully-equipped with a high quality electric toothbrush, 2 brush heads with hygienic caps, a brush head case, 1 international charger, a travel case, and a 2-year warranty. 

Dollar Brush features include advanced sonic cleaning technology (at over 31,000 vibrations per minute), soft DuPont bristles, a rechargeable battery, 2-minute auto-timers, and a waterproof design - created in collaboration with dentists the whole way. 

Dollarbrush reviews indicate a high level of satisfaction and great prices for a quality product and quick delivery service.

Price:  There's a one-time shipping charge of $9.99, with tracking included, as well as monthly payments of $2.99. My first payment when signing up for a subscription was $12.98 total as shown:

The electric toothbrush kit alone without the subscription is $39.99.

Are there any customizable features? No.

Any special deals? You may be able to get your first month free with these Dollar Brush promo codes.


  • Handy 2-minute timer with 30-second alerts lets you know when to change direction and when you're done brushing
  • Quiet vibration
  • Quality kit with accessories provided
  • Cleans teeth on par with more expensive brands
  • Nice reminder heads delivered at set intervals


  • Less eco-friendly than some brands
  • Heavy orders mean 1-2 week shipping times

Bottom Line:

Dollar Brush is an excellent and much more affordable option than most competitors for those wanting an electric toothbrush. 

Best manual toothbrush subscription services


When you want a new toothbrush subscription but the earth is on your mind, you're gonna need Goodwell

With a focus on sustainability and plastic alternatives, Goodwell makes their products biodegradable and compostable from start to finish. 

Goodwell kits feature an aluminum handle, a toothbrush attachment, tongue scraper attachment, and flosser. The handle is constructed from anodized aluminum, and the toothbrush is comprised of antimicrobial properties.

Subscriptions are available in three types: Bamboo, Premium, and Be, each with its own unique details, which you can read about here.

Goodwell reviews indicate a firm, well-made product that leaves the mouth feeling remarkably fresh. All products are made in Portland, Oregon, and shipping is free on orders over $100.

Price: Subscriptions range from the Bamboo, which starts at $15 and requires a $15 fee every 2 months. 

Premium subscriptions are $30 to start and $15 every 2 months:

And Be subscriptions are $75 to start and $15 every 2 months:

You can read details of each subscription here.

Are there any customizable features? You can choose from 3 colors with the Bamboo subscription (blue, white, or black), 3 colors with the Premium, (grey, black,or orange), and Be subscriptions are offered in grey, black, and orange as well.

Any special deals? Goodwell's 'Be' toothbrush is made with biodegradable binchotan brush heads and a recyclable body, as well as without the need for batteries or electricity. It's designed to work by the power of its own rotation, using the 120 g ADA-recommended pressure. Get one here for $65 marked down.

They also offer travel rolls, tongue scraper refills, and more in the site shop. Find Goodwell promo codes here.


  • Great for avoiding waste and landfillls
  • Comfortable for most to use
  • Leaves teeth feeling wonderful
  • Lightweight, innovative design


  • Slightly overpriced to some
  • Carrying case is large and bulky
  • Handle is 100% straight, which makes it hard to reach some areas of back teeth

Bottom Line:

Most customers like their Goodwell subscription, but some felt it was a bit expensive by comparison to other less eco-conscious brands. If you're into making environmentally-conscious choices and don't mind the price tag, this could be for you. 


If you're living in the land down under, you might enjoy subscribing to Toothcrush. Featuring eco-friendly bamboo handles, Toothcrush offers one-year subscriptions for toothbrushes delivered straight to your doorstep as you wish - either every month, or every 2 months.

Toothcrush makes toothbrushes for both adults and children up to age 10.

Toothcrush uses dentist-recommended soft bristles in their brushes, and each brush is fully comprised of sustainably sourced bamboo.

If you'd like to order a subscription, just go here and select how many adults and children you're purchasing toothbrushes for, and how often you'd like replacements sent.  

You can only order delivery within Australia, sadly, but at least the Aussies are in for a treat!

Each subscription varies, as shown below:

Toothcrush reviews indicate an eco-conscious, healthy toothbrush subscription alternative. Some say they plan to branch the business into areas outside of Australia soon, such as New Zealand, but that was not evident in their checkout process on the website at the time of this writing. 

Price:  Varies with how many children and/or adults are in the subscription plan. For the Classic subscription for one person/one brush, pricing starts at $30 for a year-long plan with replacements delivered every 2 months. The Duo is for two adults, starting at $48 yearly with delivery every 2 months, and the Family subscription is for 3 to 6 people, starting at $60 delivering bi-monthly.

Are there any customizable features? You can select your subscription based upon how often you want delivery and how many adult or child's brushes you need. Toothbrush colors will rotate automatically throughout the year.

Any special deals? You can sign up for a 3-month trial subscription for $20 and shipping before you decide on a whole year's subscription. Also, they offer free shipping on select orders.


  • Packaging and postage is 100% degradable and compostable recyclable cardboard
  • All toothbrushes are packaged in a sanitary sleeve made of plant-based, compostable, and biodegradable plastic
  • No part of the Toothcrush brush itself, nor any part of the production process, is tested on animals
  • Provides a uniquely fresh feeling when brushing teeth


  • Bristles are not biodegradable
  • To recycle the brushes, you must pull the bristles out and compost or bury them - they cannot be placed in recycling bins
  • Made in China (but, according to their site, their Chinese manufacturing staff are all over 25 and are paid 20% higher wages than the industry average)

Bottom Line:

Australians may benefit from the Toothcrush product and subscription as it improves the oral hygiene and gives a fun option to kids who may need prompting to brush their teeth well. Not as environmentally friendly as it seems at first, however, but there are some perks to using the bamboo instead of plastic.


Brits can add some more sparkle to their smiles when they sign up for a subscription from Brushbox. 

Designed to automatically send out replacements every 2 months, Brushbox is geared to help upgrade your dental health without any reminders necessary.

First, you choose a package that suits your needs:

I chose the 2 package, at 3 pounds per person per month — which converts to about $3.85 USD per person per month.

Then I picked '1 Adult & 1 Child' next.

And I went with the Smooth Bamboo variety, adding on a tongue scraper and some floss.

Here's what my box would look like if I were able to subscribe today:

And I'd get new toothbrushes in my mailbox every 2 months. Nice!

Additionally, by partnering with DentAid, Brushbox remains socially responsible with their donations to help provide dental care to those in need throughout the UK.

Brushbox reviews indicate the system does bring a noticeable whiteness to the teeth, free shipping is available throughout the UK.

Price: Varies with subscription; 1 person is 3.50 pounds per month, 2 people are 3 pounds, 3 people are 2.75 pounds, and 4 people are 2.50 pounds, with the full amount calculated and payable every 2 months prior to your delivery shipping out.

Are there any customizable features? Not really, but you can choose plastic or bamboo and how many you'd like delivered.

Any special deals? With these Brushbox promo codes, you can choose between $5 off your order, or 30% off your order — whichever works best for you!


  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Affordable
  • Appears to work well in whitening teeth
  • Choice of plastic or bamboo


  • Must buy the subscription service
  • Only ships within the UK (Sorry, rest of the world, I tried ordering from the U.S. and only the United Kingdom appeared as a choice of country on the shipping info.)
  • Refunds are only available within 21 days of purchase, and buyer pays return shipping costs

Bottom Line:

UK residents can enjoy the Brushbox features at a reasonable price, for up to 4 people, with free delivery every 2 months. Pay attention to the quality within the first 21 days of purchase, as you'll need to return within that time frame to get a full refund (must be unopened and unused too). Read details here.

Toothbrush Hub

There's plenty to choose from when you get a toothbrush subscription from Toothbrush Hub! It's like if you brought Target's toothbrush aisle straight to your doorstep.

First off, there's Colgate 'Extra Clean' toothbrushes with soft or medium heads, and there's also Colgate 360 brushes, also available in soft and medium firm bristles.

When it comes to electric toothbrushes, Toothbrush Hub carries Oral B's Precision Clean and Floss Action electric toothbrushes with replaceable heads, as well as Sonicare ProResults and E-Series electric brushes, also with replaceable heads.

Kids have choices with Toothbrush Hub, too, like Hello Kitty and Spiderman Firefly toothbrushes, as well as colorful soft bristle curved brushes and the Kids Toon Studio's Famous Pirates series.

And Kids Brush Buddies like Rio and Kung Fu Panda are available, too:

Whatever you decide upon, the subscription plan works like this: 

Pick your brush, add any extras you might like (floss, toothpaste, etc.), and then select how often you'd like to receive your replacements: every 2, 3, or 6 months.

Then? Relax! You'll receive your replacements in your mailbox and be billed at the intervals you select. 

Here's how it went with my subscription. I chose the Kung Fu panda brush:

And I added a Reach Mint Waxed Floss and a Colgate for Kids Cavity and Enamel Protection toothpaste, and I chose the 3-month replacement intervals:

I entered my shipping info, and here's my total: $9.25. Not too shabby!

Now all I need to do is go back in and enter my credit card info to kick off my subscription! So simple — and I can change anything I wish at any time, too.

Toothbrush Hub reviews indicate customers are primarily satisfied with this subscription service.

Price: Varies with your choice of subscription. A child's size manual cartoon-themed brush with floss and toothpaste added at 3-month replacement intervals was $9.25, for example. Check prices on your favorite brush/supply combos here.

Are there any customizable features? You can choose which type of brush or brush head you want, any add-ons like toothpaste or floss, and how often you'd like to receive your replacements.

Any special deals? No, but you may be able to find Toothbrush Hub discount codes here.


  • Choices of brush, brush head, add-ons, and rate of replacement intervals
  • Handy delivery of items you might otherwise forget to replace
  • Affordable
  • Well-known brands


  • Nothing is really unique here besides the delivery service

Bottom Line:

A trip to Dollar General or the pharmacy of your favorite department store will get you exactly the same products for probably close to the same price — but you may forget to run that errand every 3 months as dentists recommend. Toothbrush Hub solves that problem.

Teeth and Gums

Brits have another way to brighten up their smiles, especially if they have special dental care needs, with Teeth and Gums.

With this subscription, you'll choose from suggested dental care products to fill a package, and then start your personalized subscription boxes coming every month or every 3 months. 

Boxes will contain a customized assortment of products, including either a manual or electric toothbrush, dental floss and interdental brushes, as well as an optional single tufted brush. 

You can change your package contents at any time, and they'll send you new items to try in addition to the ones you chose at certain times as well. Neat-o!

Pre-made Teeth and Gums packages may include, for a few examples, the following:

The 'Sensitive Package' is comprised of sensitive toothbrushes, specially designed products for sensitive teeth, like the TePe range of products, as well as floss or tape and a single tufted brush, if needed.

The 'Orthodontic Package' includes products tailored to suit those with orthodontics currently on their teeth, such as braces, like orthodontic toothbrush heads and interspace brushes, superfloss and tepes.

The 'Gum Health' package includes products to help maintain healthy gums like interdental cleaning aids, interspace brushes, and more.

For those with dental implants, there's a package for you. The 'Dental Implant' package includes manual toothbrushes/heads, appropriate flosses for your implant/s, interdental brushes and any additional items you may need for care around your implants.

Teeth and Gums reviews indicate an overall satisfaction with the products and services, and a willingness on the part of the company to ship worldwide.

Price: Varies with subscription; the Sensitive Package is offered at £13.00/mo, which converts to appx $16.78 USD, for example. Check prices of your favorite items here.

Are there any customizable features? With any package you select, you are offered several options for each element included. For example with the Sensitive Package, you'll choose from an Oral B sensitive head electric toothbrush, a Curaprox CS5460 ultra soft manual toothbrush, or a Sensodyne 3.5 manual toothbrush for your toothbrush, and then you'll choose from Oral B Satin Floss, Oral B Satin Tape, and Oral B SuperFloss for your dental floss option, etc.

Any special deals? Not at the moment, but feel free to shop their products anytime here.

Teeth and Gums UK reviews indicated a generally acceptable product tailored for specific dental needs, delivered.


  • Personalized components in each package
  • Shipping is free throughout the UK
  • Can swap out components at any time between deliveries
  • Delivery outside the UK is available


  • Only monthly or 3-month delivery intervals available

Bottom Line:

Teeth and Gums is an affordable way to schedule your dental care product replacements delivered in a personalized package to benefit the needs of your dental health specifically - whether you have sensitive teeth, orthodontics, implants, or otherwise.


Canadians have their own toothbrush subscription option with the vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and BPA-free BamBrush.

As dentists recommend, BamBrush follows through with brand new toothbrushes delivered to your Great White Northern address every 2 months (or, if you prefer, monthly or quarterly deliveries can be arranged).

And BamBrush assures that it follows its own philosophy of providing sustainable, hypo-allergenic, biodegradable, hygienic, stylish, and easy-to-use bamboo toothbrushes by delivery to your doorstep.

Here's a peek at their products:

BamBrush reviews indicate this is a high quality product and service which most customers are satisfied with, and rate either 4 or 5 stars when given the choice.

Price: Varies according to product; my natural Bambrush was $6.95, for example.

Are there any customizable features? You can choose your product from among those they offer here, and your delivery intervals, either 1, 2, or 3 months apart.

You can cancel or change your subscription at any time by going to your subscription page or e-mailing the company directly at

Any special deals? You can get $1 off your first BamBrush toothbrush.


  • Eco-conscious, healthy choice
  • Excellent customer service
  • Nice-looking toothbrushes
  • Arrive on time
  • Minimalist packaging


  • Bamboo in the mouth takes some getting used to when all you've ever used is plastic, but isn't too bad
  • Only offers shipping throughout Canada (but if you really want one, you could try ordering through this company - although they do charge for shipping.)

Bottom Line:

If you're in Canada, you could give BamBrush a try for cleaner teeth at a tiny cost and easy delivery at your chosen intervals. Bury them, turn them into kindling, or make them into toys or something else when you're done with them to complete their eco-conscious cycle!

Bam & Boo

Offering free worldwide shipping, the Bam & Boo toothbrush subscription offers top shelf dental health products, delivery replacements, and eco-friendliness around the globe.

Each Bam & Boo toothbrush is naturally antibacterial, has a biodegradable handle and multi-level soft nylon bristles, which are BPA-free. Packaging is eco-friendly and the PLA bag inside the outer box is also biodegradable.

New toothbrushes are mailed to you every 3 months (or at a different interval, if you choose so). You can cancel anytime and shipping if free throughout the globe!

Bam & Boo toothbrushes follow dentist recommendations of soft bristles and replacement at least every 3 months.

Choose whether your brush is for adults or kids, and pick your favorite color from the available blue, pink, black, natural, and green.

When I ordered my random-color (I'll let them choose for me) adult-size bamboo toothbrush with replacement every 3 months, my first order rang for the below amount, 4.99 EUR, which converts to appx $5.77 USD. Nice!

The Bam & Boo reviews we found showed truly inspiring and detailed attention to customer service right down to personalized notes on envelopes handwritten in the home language of the recipient. We love it!

Price: Appx $5.77 gets you started with a subscription and one refill.

Are there any customizable features? You can pick from 5 colors and whether it's a child or adult-size brush. You can also choose your delivery intervals from any of 1/2/3/4 months.

Any special deals? Free shipping on any order.


  • Well-informed, enthusiastic staff
  • Excellent product 
  • Speedy delivery
  • Handwritten notes on customer envelopes (sometimes even writing 'thank you' in the recipient's home address language) add a nice personal touch
  • Minimalist, waste-free packaging
  • Free shipping worldwide


  • Bristles are not biodegradable

Bottom Line:

If you like bamboo toothbrushes or want to try one out, Bam & Boo is a great place to start. Stellar reviews indicate customer service is impeccable, and every customer loves their products. If you don't? Cancel for free anytime you wish.

Boie USA

Get all the elements of cutting edge eco-friendly dental health when you opt for a Boie USA toothbrush subscription.

Included with your non-BPA, phthalate-free, recyclable, thermoplastic elastomer-headed toothbrush are soft antimicrobial bristles (dentist recommended), all made in the USA and built to last.

As an added touch, silver is embedded into the brush head to kill bacteria on contact.

Brush heads are replaceable as shown in dentist-recommended intervals by subscription delivery.

Although easy to recycle, Boie USA encourages customers to send their used toothbrushes back to them if they aren't sure whether their local recycling center can handle the process - they promise to recycle them for us!

When you're ready to begin a Boie USA subscription, the first thing you choose is your color:

I love my red! Then you choose how often you want to replace the toothbrush - I figured I'd better go with the dentist-recommended frequency of 3 months.

And yes, I'll be needing a toothbrush handle since I don't already have one. I'll get that in red, too.

Now my cart looks like this:

$30 for a year's worth of fresh toothbrush heads mailed to my doorstep? Not bad at all!

Boie USA reviews indicate these are an optimal tooth-cleaning product, even though the brush heads may appear to be too hard for proper brushing - they are extremely soft and gentle.

Price:  Brushes are $10 each, heads are $20 with a 3-month plan, $15 with a 4-month plan, and $10 with a 6-month plan.

Are there any customizable features? Choose between 4 colors, and choose whether you'll have replacements delivered every 3, 4, or 6 months.

Any special deals?  Free shipping offered on all orders over $15.00, and you can get a 15% off promo code here


  • Great value
  • Stays in great shape even after many months of use
  • Antimicrobial bristles ensure you aren't putting bacteria back into your mouth when it's time to brush
  • Easy replaceable heads arrive in the mail at your selected monthly intervals


  • Some had trouble adjusting to the rubbery feel of the bristles
  • Some felt they didn't clean between teeth and gums as well as nylon-bristled brushes

Bottom Line:

Having started out on Kickstarter, Boie USA's toothbrush subscription gained popularity and is now widely available and adored worldwide. If you're on the fence, their low price is very inviting, and you'll know right away whether it's for you or not.


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