The 8 Best At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits for Smokers (and Ex-Smokers)

Finally quit smoking, but still struggling with nicotine stains on your teeth? We've gone in for the best at-home teeth whitening kits for smokers (or newly quit former smokers!)

When you've finally quit smoking (pat yourself on the back — that's not easy to do), but your teeth are still dark with nicotine staining, it can be disheartening. Anytime you smile in the mirror — or worse, in photos — your teeth remind you of a bad habit you succumbed to years ago. 

So why not give teeth whitening a try? There are many types of teeth whitening kits available for smokers today which knock the stains out and really brighten up your smile. And best of all, you can use them in the comfort and convenience of home. 

We went deep into research and expert reviews on the subject, and we're ready to share our finds of the best home teeth whitening kits with you now! 

We decided the following products are the best options for whitening after smoking in each category:

Active Wow Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder

Coming in first on our list of finds is Amazon's #1 best seller, Active Wow Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder. This product maintains a 4.5-star rating after 15,800+ reviews on Amazon, with 85% of those being either 4 or 5 stars with verified purchases.

Through a process known as adsorption, Active Wow's formula of activated charcoal powder, bentonite, and orange seed oil naturally removes teeth stains from a variety of sources including cigarettes.

Their activated charcoal powder comes from nature's purest source of food-grade charcoal — the coconut. Bentonite absorbs toxins and remineralizes the teeth, while orange seed oil whitens them and also works as a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

For a very reasonable price, Active Wow not only whitens your teeth naturally over time, but is also gentle on your gums and detoxifies your mouth.

As the best home teeth whitening kit, Active Wow Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder uses a few additional ingredients to spruce up your mouth and smile. For example, their use of Xylitol in the formula adds to its cavity-fighting and tooth decay inhibiting properties. 

Baking soda (or sodium bicarbonate) supports a healthy oral pH (and also assists with whitening), while coconut oil kicks in the detoxification and cleansing components to make this blend the optimal teeth whitening and mouth-cleaning strategy for ex-smokers.

More about Active Wow:

Price: $24.99 on the Active Wow website and $19.99 on Amazon. It's also available at Walmart, Target, and Jet as well.


  • Made in the USA
  • Maintains a 4.5 star rating on Amazon after nearly 16,000 reviews
  • Free shipping in the U.S. (when ordered from their site)
  • Available in new flavors of peppermint, vanilla, and spearmint


  • Contents are under pressure and may burst if you don't open slowly and carefully the first time
  • Overly aggressive scrubbing with this, or similar products, may result in damaged tooth enamel

Bottom line:

Use Active Wow's Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder more as a product you apply to the teeth — not to scrub the teeth. Although it's extremely popular, users must keep in mind the warnings of some dentists: scrubbing too hard with this on your brush can result in damaged tooth enamel. 

The secret to charcoal, when ingested, is that it binds with toxins and pulls them from the body - and it does the same when applied to your teeth. "Activating" it (processing with high heat), makes it even more porous and adept at trapping toxins. 

So, applying the mixture gently, with, at most, a very light massage of the teeth, is what's recommended. To summarize, Dr. Steven Lin explains, "The whitening ability of charcoal exists in its porosity, while the trouble resides in its abrasiveness." 

You can also find ActiveWow discount codes here.

GLO Science

Next up on our list of the best smokers’ teeth whitening options is GLO Science, a patented technology which uses heat and blue LED light to accelerate the whitening effect of its hydrogen peroxide-based gel formula.

Each GLO kit provides 10 GLO vials containing the tooth whitening gel, a GLO mouthpiece and storage case, a lanyard and GLO Control device, as well as a lip treatment, power cord, and adapter. 

To use, simply brush the patented hydrogen peroxide gel formula from the vial onto your teeth, then apply the mouthpiece to your front teeth, turn on the device, and enjoy the warm light of your whitening treatment while you wait for the pre-timed 8 minute session to conclude. When the timer is finished, it automatically shuts off the device.

Once the mouthpiece is in, the device is hands-free, so you can use the system almost anywhere at anytime. Additionally, the results are 5 times whiter teeth than most systems. And the clincher? The gel is specially designed to adhere to teeth without getting on gums or other mouth tissue, helping those with sensitive teeth avoid the pain often associated with whitening systems. 

Studies conducted revealed that 100% of participants noticed immediate results from the GLO treatments - and 100% also described GLO as easy to use.

More about GLO Science:

Price: Marked down to $199 on the GLO website, and $220 on Amazon. You can also try Sephora, where it’s $199 as well.


  • Use it at your desk, while watching TV at night, while you study, or while you pay the bills. Works anywhere you go in 4 pre-timed 8 minute sessions per day
  • Invented by oral health expert & New York City celebrity dentist, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine
  • Average difference of 5 shades whiter in 5 days of use
  • Many noticed a difference after the first treatment
  • Maintains a solid 4 star rating after 427 reviews on Sephora


  • Some felt they didn’t see the whitening results promised
  • Some experienced gum sensitivity after the first few days of treatments
  • Expensive

Bottom line:

It is recommended you see a dentist before beginning any whitening treatment to make sure it’s right for you, considering your current oral health and unique dental history. That said, GLO Science is no different. 

If you experience pain or sensitivity, stop using the device and give your dentist a call. They’ll most likely tell you to spread treatments further apart, shorten the duration, etc. 

In any case, the GLO system is very popular among those who don’t mind the price. If you purchase a GLO kit, be sure to register your device here for the 1-year warranty.

You can find GLO Science coupon codes here.

Miswak Club 

Those interested in a natural alternative for smokers’ teeth whitening may want to check out the Miswak Club Natural Teeth Whitening Kit.

Comprised of the chemical and pesticide-free roots (or sometimes twigs) of the Arak tree, grown mainly in Southern Asia and the Middle East, Miswak sticks are naturally anti-bacterial. 

To use the Miswak stick, just soak the end for the recommended time, then dry off and chew. As you begin to chew, the "bristles" of the stick show, and you can rub them on and between your teeth for cleaning. Go here and scroll down a bit for a quick video how-to.

As seen in such publications as Fast Company, Yahoo News, The Grommet, & Creative Review, these sticks come in pairs, each with their own  case, allowing you to transport them to and from work or wherever you  wish to take them. 

They should last you at least 40 days, and come with a  no-risk 120-day refund guarantee if you don’t see whiter teeth in 30 days.

Used in some parts of the world instead of toothbrushes, these sticks are believed to have the ability to kill the germs that cause plaque and gum disease, are considered to be more effective than dental floss at cleaning between the teeth, and may even improve digestion.

More about Miswak Club:

Price:  $19.99 on the company website, or $11.99 on Amazon.


  • Maintains a 4.5-star rating on Amazon after 836 reviews
  • Comes with a risk-free 120-day refund guarantee promising that if you don’t have a positive experience for any reason, the company will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase - or your money back
  • There’s round-the-clock ticket and email support every day of the year
  • Most reviewers loved how well it whitens the teeth
  • Instructions with photos are included with kit


  • Some disliked the smell and flavor (there’s a distinct smell to these; some compare it to vinegar)
  • Some reviewers native to the regions where Arak trees grow felt the product was overpriced and got overly diluted with the soaking instructions provided (apparently 2 hours are better than 4 hours for some), but also stated they’d continue to purchase as very few alternatives exist

Bottom line:

Miswak Club is pretty affordable, even if they are sticks. Most customers who reviewed them really enjoyed the product, although some did so in spite of the strong smell and flavor. 

As a former smoker myself, it came to mind that the oral aspect of cigarette addiction might be replaced with the Mistak stick, adding another selling point for those struggling to quit (similar in concept to these). Take a browse through Amazon if you're still stuck on the price or if these sell out - there are a few other options. Anyway, happy chewing!


Now let’s turn to another of the best teeth whitening kits with light technology, the AuraGlow

Offered alongside other whitening treatments, the complete AuraGlow Home Whitening System consists of 2 full 5-ml whitening gel syringes, a  mouth tray, an LED accelerator light with 5 extra bulbs, 20+ whitening  treatments, and a built-in timer with an alert sound to let you know  when your whitening session is over. There’s also a tray case to hold  the mouth tray, and a set of thorough instructions.

The whitening gel provided is 35% carbamide peroxide, as well as gluten-free, safe for enamel, kosher, and it's also said to produce no gum sensitivity.

The mouth tray fits easily into any mouth without boiling water or molding it, and allows both top and bottom teeth to whiten at the same  time. 

Used once daily for 30 minutes, AuraGlow effectively removes stains from cigarette smoking and other sources, with visible results after the first treatment.

More about AuraGlow:

Price: $59.99 on the AuraGlow website, and $45.65 on Amazon.


  • Maintains a solid 4-star rating on Amazon after more than 1,300 reviews 
  • Simple to use with easy-to-understand directions
  • Most users reported the whitening to be highly effective
  • Very responsive customer service
  • Conveniently saves time by allowing both top and bottom teeth to whiten at once


  • Some had gum sensitivity, recommended the AuraGlow pen instead of the kit for others with this same issue
  • Some reported the gel worked even without the light in the kit; felt the light was a “placebo”

Bottom line:

AuraGlow carries highly-rated, mostly favorable reviews, and is reasonably priced. If any issues ensue, don't hesitate to reach out for customer service; they are said to be very responsive and helpful. For those on a budget or with more sensitive gums, the whitening pen might be a better option. 

You can find AuraGlow promo codes here.

Tarte Pearly Girl

Vegans can feel good about using their best best at home teeth whitening kit, the Tarte Pearly Girl

The Pearly Girl teeth whitening pen from Tarte Cosmetics is bleach-free, gluten-free,  paraben-free, phthalate-free, cruelty-free, and soy-free — not to mention vegan, dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and super portable. It's also made without synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfates, and triclosan.

The Pearly Girl pen has a soft bristle for gently applying the whitening gel to your teeth anytime you want to freshen up that smile. With natural mint flavors and its patented calcium complex, the gel removes staining no matter whether you've smoked, drank coffee, or sipped wine - it's your little secret with the Pearly Girl pen. It's good for those with sensitive teeth too.

To use it, just twist the base of the pen and dispense a small amount of whitening gel onto the brush. Brush it onto the front of all your teeth, wait 30 seconds, then close your mouth. 

After 15 minutes, you can feel free to eat and drink again. The gel has done its work — and you don't need to rinse, spit, or wash anything, either. (Although, you should run the brush under warm water to remove gel after each use.)

More about Tarte's Pearly Girl: 

Price:  $22 on the Tarte website, or almost $40 on Amazon.


  • You can opt for automatic delivery of a new Pearly Girl whitening pen every 3 months - (while saving 10% and getting free shipping, too)
  • Many reviews mentioned a noticeable difference in only a few applications
  • Convenient and easy to use on the go, no need to rinse or spit
  • Great for sensitive teeth


  • Some felt it was not hygienic because the brush does back into the pen after each application
  • Some noticed it “brightened” their teeth, but did not actually “whiten” them

Bottom line:

The Pearly Girl pen is great for busy vegans (or non-vegans) who want to easily whiten their smiles on the go. Can be used anywhere with no need to rinse or spit, and the handy automatic delivery option ensures you’ll have a fresh Pearly Girl pen in your mailbox every quarter.

GO SMILE Snap Packs

Another idea for how to whiten teeth after nicotine is to try out some GO SMILE Snap Packs.

Each snap pack is a single-use applicator comprised of a capsule full of whitening gel. For best results, instructions say to “Flip, Snap, Apply”, meaning to flip the applicator around and re-insert, squeeze the applicator to ‘snap’ the gel-filled capsule inside, and push it out through the tip, applying to the teeth. 

Use snap packs after brushing in the morning and again at night for 7 days. Be sure to avoid eating, drinking, or rinsing for 20 minutes after your snap pack treatment.

GO SMILE snap packs are free of parabens, phthalates, silicone, oil, and  fragrance, and are made in the USA. Visibly effective, they use Go Smile’s ‘Hyperox Technology’ to penetrate and whiten, then dissolve.

More about GO SMILE Snap Packs:

Price: $59.99 for 14 snap packs at Walmart, Nordstrom, and Ulta Beauty. Walmart offers free shipping.


  • Gentle on gums
  • Visibly effective after just a few uses, sometimes even a single use - some say they’re even faster at whitening than White Strips
  • Super easy and quick to apply


  • Some reported having some gum sensitivity even using as directed
  • Some did not see dramatic whitening results reported by others
  • A little pricey for only a week’s worth of whitening packs

Bottom line:

GO SMILE Snap Packs are a handy way to get your smile brightened up within a week — if you don’t mind the price. Use these if you’ve got a big event coming up and you need to dazzle — or if you just need to spruce yourself up and feel a little more sparkly.

You can also find GO SMILE discount codes here.


Although world-renowned smile brightener Rembrandt offers several teeth-whitening options, the 2 Hour Whitening Treatment is the kit with the best teeth whitening strips for smokers to see results in a short amount of time.

Inside each box of Rembrandt’s 2 Hour Teeth Whitening Treatment are 10 days’ worth of treatment results designed to show visibly within just 2 hours. Their new ‘Stay-Put’ custom-fit whitening strips provide maximum tooth coverage on both the fronts and backs of your teeth, to be used in 4 consecutive half-hour treatments. 

Each treatment includes the initial primer application, then the whitening strips, and finally swishing with the whitening rinse. The best part? Rembrandt’s whitening systems use only enamel-safe ingredients to remove even the deepest nicotine, wine, or coffee stains from your smile.

To use Rembrandt’s 2 Hour Whitening Treatment, first apply the primer to prepare your mouth’s pH for optimal whitening, then shape the enclosed whitening strips around both the front and back of your teeth, leave on for 30 minutes per session, then use the whitening Rembrandt rinse to finish up.

More about Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Treatment:

Price: $24.99 on the Rembrandt site or $24.31 on Amazon.

You may also try these locations:


  • 82% of reviewers on the Rembrandt site recommend this product 
  • Easy to use
  • Some felt their results were remarkable; comparable to professional whitening
  • Easier to apply strips than previous Rembrandt 2 Hour treatment


  • Some had gum sensitivity after the first use
  • Some reported very little difference in whiteness of teeth before and after
  • Some reported using Rembrandt’s 2 Hour whitening kits for many years, and newer kits provide noticeably less whitening than previous kits did

Bottom line:

Most users recommend Rembrandt’s 2 Hour Teeth Whitening Treatment, and most reported definite results when applied as directed. If you experience sensitivity, remember to avoid exceeding the amount of gel in the tray—use only a thin streak. 

It’s recommended that users apply Rembrandt 2 Hour white strips as directed every six months or as needed. It is also recommended that users brush regularly with Rembrandt Deeply White peroxide fresh mint toothpaste daily between treatments.

Find Rembrandt coupon codes here. Rembrandt supports Promo code and Offer Codes on their Website.  

BrightWhite Smile

Although BrightWhite Smile creates several of the best kinds of teeth whitening kits for smokers, including the best teeth whitening strips as well as one of the best whitening toothpastes for smokers, they definitely provide the best whitening trays for smokers in the following kit.

BrightWhite Smile achieves super fast results by using a formula comprised of 3 whitening agents designed to work optimally within ten minutes. While protecting tooth enamel from damage and ensuring no tooth erosion happens, the bright blue light warms the teeth up while the whitening agents do their work to penetrate and remove both surface and deeper staining.

Watch this video for a demonstration of how to use the trays and light in the kit.

Watch this video for a demonstration of how to use the trays and light in the kit.

The fun part? You can feel free to share your results on their website too, by going here.

More about BrightWhite Smile:

Price: You can buy the light, which comes with 1 gel pen, at BrightWhite Smile for $25. But for your best value, you can get the light kit — you'll get an additional whitening pen for just 10 bucks more ($35 total). 


  • Easy to use - as one reviewer said, “Just paint your teeth, and light them up!”
  • Removes tough stains from years of smoking, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Rated at 4.5 stars after 335 reviews on company site
  • Mess-free
  • Free shipping throughout the U.S.


  • Some reported their results took longer to see (like a month or longer); others complained of not seeing much for results at all

Bottom Line:

The BrightWhite Smile system is likely one of the best at-home teeth whitening kits with professional-looking results — at about 1/10 the price. Most reviews are favorable and the kit is reusable if you purchase refills of the pen when it runs out of gel.


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